Book Talk: A Message To All From My Father

Join us Saturday, November 6th from 10am-12pm as author Andrew Potter talks about his new book A Message To All From My Father.

From the author:

I wrote my story as a testament to the one true Father, the Almighty. As well after finishing it, something has stayed on my heart to dedicate it to an old coworker of a job long past. Her name is Laura. At night, she and I worked together as bakers. She asked me, ‘How do I know there is a God?’ If she reads this book, she’ll know what I know. And in my opinion, it is true that the Lord lives. The first time she asked me, I don’t believe I gave her a concrete answer. I know my book spells it out from the first word to the last because this is his work and I’m his work, so this is our story. Ever since I found the importance of prayer, I’ve asked my Father to use me as an instrument to help others. This is a prayer I have prayed and will continue to pray every day of my life. I’ve always wanted to help the many as well as my coworker Laura. So, Laura, if you read this book, I hope you really receive the message that the Lord is real because this is a message to all from my Father that he is real.

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Dec 10 2023


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



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